Carbis Cabs Services

Carbis Cabs Services

At Carbis Cabs i like to offer services that other companies do not so that my customers feel that they have had that extra special treatment.

Meet and Greet Services

If I am collecting you from a port or station I will use a meet and greet name board so that I am instantly recognisable.
I know for a fact that some other companies in Bodmin just wait in their taxis hoping the customer will find them.
To me this is not acceptable and just shouts laziness.

Free in Car WiFi Service

Mobile phone signal can be a bit temperamental in Cornwall so i use O2 wich i find to be the best and use that to share a wifi hotspot while you are in the taxi.
You might struggle downloading a 4k movie 🙂 but emails and social media should be fine.
Don't forget to ask me for the password.

Shopping Bags

Need help with your shopping? I am always happy to help with the loading and unloading of your shopping and carrying it into your house if you struggle to do so.


I will also help you with your suitcases, especially at Bodmin Parkway as the only access to the eastbound platform is over a bridge. Please don't be scared to ask as I am happy to help.

Working Together with other Taxi Services

I like to work together with other independent taxi companies in and around Bodmin and North Cornwall.

This means that i have  the help of other proprietors that I can pass work on to and they of course do the same for me.

Work together not against each other.

During this Covid 19 pandemic I will try my best to keep the the vehicle clean with anti bacterial/viral wipes and sprays. This also includes using hand sanitizer at the start and end of every journey.

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