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Some frequently asked questions FAQ.

FAQ 1: How Much is it to…?

Our prices depend on distance and time as well as the pick up point. For example if we have to travel 5 miles to take you 1 mile then our price will reflect that. See our prices page for more info.

FAQ 2: How long should I allow for my journey?

Journey times vary of course but if you are travelling from the North Cornwall coast i.e. Rock, Padstow, Polzeath etc to Bodmin Parkway then I always tell my customers to allow at least 1 hour for your travel. On average the time from Polzeath to Bodmin Parkway is around 35 mins but i would rather you got there early than miss the train. Tractors, caravans, accidents and road works can all impact the journey time and who knows I might get a puncture.

FAQ 3: Can I take my dog?

We Love Dogs!

Yes of course you can, however please let us know when you book as I might need to call upon other drivers in the town to help out during busy spells and not all drivers like having animals in the car. Guide/assistance dogs will always be allowed without exception!

FAQ 4: Do you take card payments?

Card Payments Accepted

Yes absolutely we do. We can accept most forms of card payment including contactless Android Apple Google and Samsung pay providers.

Our preferred card handler is SumUp and your statement will show Carbis Cabs/SumUp as the payment.

FAQ 5: Do carry more than 4 passengers?

No sorry we don’t. We have found that the need to carry 5 or more is very rare and just doesn’t make economic sense to run around in a minibus for the odd occasion that might require a multi seat vehicle. We do have an association with other companies that we recommend and are happy to provide you with those details.

Q 6: Are you a Hackney Carriage or mini cab?

We are a licenced Hackney Carriage operator, licenced to operate in North Cornwall. Our prices are generally less than the meter and similar to private hire companies.

Q 7: What if my train/plane is late?

If we are collecting you from the airport or train station we always keep any eye on the arrival time. This is to ensure that we still collect you on time and so that our driver is not hanging around waiting for any delayed transport.

Q 8: How will i identify which taxi is collecting me?

We normally use a meet and greet name board at ports and stations so our customers can find us easily. Carbis Cabs taxis are also sign written so we are easily spotted.

Q 9: There are 4 adults and one child is this ok?

No sorry we are only licenced and insured for four passengers, children no matter how young still count as 1 passenger. See FAQ 5.

Q 10: Do you charge for cancellations?

No not normally there are some exceptions however. For example for extra long journeys to say Heathrow or Gatwick or other long distance jobs we would require deposit.

Or if your collection point is a long way away we would require full payment up front before we come to collect you. Then if you cancel once we have started our journey the upfront payment would normally be forfeit as some journeys can take a full day and other work may have been turned away to accommodate you.

Any more Questions?

Please feel free to contact us for any more questions that haven’t been asked here. if we can think of anything else we will post them here.

Thanks for reading our FAQ page and for using Carbis Cabs Bodmin Taxi Service.

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