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About Carbis Cabs. A Brief History

About Carbis Cabs a brief history without being too boring….

My name is Phil and my wife and I moved to Cornwall in 2001 from Essex. After a couple of jobs in retail I decided to drive a friends taxi in Newquay just for a little extra income.

However i soon realised that i loved doing this and started Carbis Cabs.

At first working in Newquay at night time i realised after a few years that working nights was not for me.

I had friends that worked as taxi drivers in Bodmin and made the move to work there instead.

I sub-contracted to another company for a couple of years then decided to go it alone. So Carbis Cabs was reborn.

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About Carbis Cabs

Extraordinary Experiences

Extraordinary Experiences have been part and parcel of my life as taxi driver. Mainly just the wonderful places that I take my customers to.

Despite living in Cornwall for 20 years there are still more and more beautiful locations that i discover on my travels as a taxi driver and i am happy to pass these experiences on to my customers so that they can explore them as well.

Places like St Nectans Glen, Golitha Falls Bodmin, Jamaica Inn and lots more besides.

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My Core Values

I worked for most my life in Essex as a manager in electrical retail stores. So i realise the importance of customer service.

The customers pay our wages and keep our heads above water, which is why i understand the core value that loyal customers are the most important asset a company can have.

I like to think that i go the extra mile (excuse the pun) for my customers and my reviews on TrustPilot reflect that.

Carbis Cabs

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